new mix alert


I’m gonna be all the way real with y’all, this mix is random. I poured a glass of my favorite red wine blend (shoutout to the good folks of Ménage à Trois), plugged my headphones in, and went to work. I’m also a little sex deprived, and needed to direct that energy to something productive. Rather do this than download Soul Swipe......head to SOUNDS to give it a listen, & tell me what you think!


Back in December, I was asked to be a part of Creme of Nature's I am Supernatural campaign in their "Ode to Natural Hair" video. Featuring a spoken word piece by Teeanna Munro, I was able to show the world something that I love to do while showing off my bomb ass afro. It's definitely an experience I'll always cherish.

Let me give y'all a quick back story though. The shoot came right after a blurry work night at Graveyard Tavern--which isn't a normal occurrence, I swear. I don't remember much of what I had to drink, but what I do remember are clear bueno. Oh, & I forgot to mention that my dumb ass thought I could just stay up until call time--6:15AM. I showed up to that set DEAD. I could barely stay awake while the make up artist did my makeup, I slept the ENTIRE time, besides when I was being filmed--and at that point, I was continuously holding back vomit. I was miserable. So, seeing the final result is rewarding.

Shoutout to all of the ladies from that shoot, including miss Jade Williams--a beautiful spirit from DC who's killing the modeling game right now! Be sure to follow her on IG: @jadenikaylah